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Tuesday - January 7, 2014

The first meeting for the new year of University Heights Lions Club was, in
a word, COLD. No emphasis was added, because none was needed. It was 7
degrees (F) at 6:30 a.m. and that was cold enough.
We had a good number present, 19, including two visitors and a very good
breakfast at Chef's In Breakfast Buffet. Most of us ate plenty to help ward
off the cold.
The meeting was called to order at 6:50 a.m. by Lion President Robert Bahn.
Following the Tail Twister antics by Lion Tail Twister Brad Baker, the
drawing was held and won by President Bahn, No. 7 (he calls it 007) for the
first time in a year or more (I know that feeling). Song leader was Lion Ken
Stallings. He also led the pledge and prayer - kind of a triple-threat.
[And he also provided the program!]
Guests of the club included the speaker, Dr. Michael Miles and David Redmon,
Jr., son of Lion Dave Redmon.
Announcements:       --Car Show Committee meeting for 6:30 p.m. Monday, Jan.
13, Suddenlink Advertising, 1717 Stone St.
--TV Auction report - approximately $12,500 was received.
Lion Curt Hodges, president for 2012-13, received a Lions Club International
Membership Achievement Award, plus a pin, for membership growth the club
experienced during his tenure.
Speaker:  Miles, of Jonesboro, is co-founder of Learning Avenues
(, a local-based organization that deals with
international adoption. Miles has five adopted children, three from
Ethiopia. Learning Avenues is associated with Adoption Avenue Agency, for
kids from Ethiopia and Colombia.
  --Curt Hodges, Newsletter Editor


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