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Tuesday - January 22, 2013

At our Tuesday weekly meeting today, Treasurer Ron Erwin (# 24) won the pot,
after it was determined that Charles Reeves (# 41) was not there.
Attendance was 19 members and two guests-Lion Dave Redmon's son David Jr.,
and Louie  Ulmer [Bryan's dad ], who asked for and received a membership
Business Meeting:
1.    Secretary Charles Hartwig read the draft Minutes of the January 17th
Board meeting.
2.    Treasurer Ron Erwin gave his Financial Report, as of December 31,
2012, with a few January updates.
1.    Car Show Committee Chair Brad Baker said that the committee will meet
that very evening at 6:30 pm and that they were thrilled that 1st VP Robert
Bahn had been present at the city Advertising and Promotions Commission last
Thursday [after the Board had met in the morning], and apparently had an
important role in the commission allocating $9500 during the meeting for our
Car Show in April -- all of which will have to be spent on advertising.
Good work, Lion Robert!  Brad reminded members that everyone will still have
to work very hard to make this, our 24th annual car show, a success.
2.       Bob Draper has been absent for months, and had not responded to
requests that he return to the club, so he was dropped from membership in
the club, so we would not have to continue to pay district and international
dues for him. [Motion Pat Snodgrass; 2nd Eric Grant]  (The Board had
forgotten to take this action the previous week.)
3.    Mid-Winter Forum. The annual state-wide Lions Mid-Winter Forum is
scheduled to take place at the University of the Ozarks campus in
Clarksville on Saturday, February 2nd, with a BBQ meal on Friday evening.
[See the attached registration form for details.]  The early registration
deadline, which saves $10 on the otherwise $50 registration fee and $2 on
the otherwise $12 BBQ fee calls for registration forms and check(s) to be
postmarked by this Friday, January 25th.  If anyone is interested in going
to this informative session, which among other things will feature our own
Brad Baker giving seminars on Public Speaking and Leadership, PLEASE let
Secretary Charles Hartwig know no later than noon on Thursday, so we can get
the form and money in the mail.  As per our usual practice, the club will
pay for the Lion's registration fee [but not that of a spouse], and not the
BBQ meal nor the hotel.
Our Program slated for the last Tuesday of this month next week is as
follows, thanks to Lion Norman Dickson, our January Program Chair:
January 29th:  Rick Grissom will speak about his work for and with the
on-going activities of John 3:16 Ministries.

Reminder: New member application forms are online at
<> , and can be filled in at
that site and then printed off.

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