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Tuesday - February 3, 2004

Our Song Leader and Lion Tamer Lion Don Vineyard won the Tail Twisters pot on the first drawing. Our only guest this week was Payton Glisson, a guest of his father Lion Gary Glisson. Attendance this week was 31 members present.

At the grand opening of Jonesboro’s new Sam’s Club Store, the manager of Sam’s Store presented a check in the amount of $1,000 to Mid South Lions Sight and Hearing. Lions Brad Baker and Mark Poe were our representatives for the ceremony.

Last week Lion Scott received a pledge from Mrs. Roller of Roller Farmers Union Funeral Home in the amount of $2,500 in matching funds when Dyeann’s House raises another $2,500 in gifts. We raised $500 the same week, so we only need $2,000 to receive her matching gift. Other items are coming in for Dyeann’s House. Last week we received a pool table and ping-pong table.

Our grant application for $75,000 has been submitted to LCIF this past week, and it appears that our chances are excellent to receive these funds according to sources at Lions International. We should know the results, hopefully, in a few weeks and receive the grant in March. We also have just received word from the 13th annual Make a Difference Day Editor that they have received our request for their $10,000 grant and that the results will be announced in the April 16-18 issue of USA Weekend Magazine.

This week our program was brought by Branon Thiesse, Craighead County Agriculture Extension Agent. Branon talked to us about Red Imported Fire Ants and how to identify and eradicate the ants which have just recently invaded our area of Arkansas.

The next four weeks all club members need to make contacts to businesses for the selling of ads in our Car Show Program. This is a new venture to raise some extra funds for the Car Show Project. We will also be selling sponsorships for classes in the show. Advertising rates are $175 for full page (8x10), $100, for ½ page (4x8), $80 for 1/4 page (4x4) and $50 for business card size (2x4). Class sponsorships are $100 for 1 class or $150 for 2 classes. The deadline for program ad copy is March 1st.

Programs Scheduled:

Feb. 10 Business meeting

Feb. 17 City Team Ministries

Coming Events:

  • March 20 - 21 Auto Show (move in date March 19)

  • March 12 Lions Day With The United Nations, UN Headquarters in New York

  • May 7 - 8 Arkansas Lions State Convention, North Little Rock

  • July 5 - 9 Lions International Convention, Detroit, MI and Windsor, Ontario

  • Sept 9 -11 USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum, Reno, Nevada


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