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Tuesday - February 19, 2013

At our weekly Tuesday morning meeting today,  Brad Baker's effort to game
the pot drawing by impersonating some seven absent members by wearing their
name badges on various parts of his clothing was foiled when he neglected to
put on the first one drawn -- # 47 [belonging to the absent Joe George] ,
and then badge  #31 was being worn not by Brad but by another Lion in the
room - Pat Snodgrass.
Attendance was 17 members and one guest -- Jerry Casteel.
1.    The CAR SHOW COMMITTEE will meet next Monday, Feb. 25th at the Forest
Home Church - at 6:30 pm.  It was noted that we urgently need to get more
cars registered for the show - especially local ones.  Let's start beating
the bushes harder!  (You might even find a car hidden behind some bushes.)
2.       Lion Bill Levins reported that Pizza Inn had called him to complain
that someone who had won a donated 8-pizza coupon at our TV Auction last
December had been making photocopies of the coupon and presenting them for
extra free pizzas-4 or 5 times!  Amid the uproar caused by this astounding
news, a grim search for the dastardly person or persons involved in this
evil scam was promised - stay tuned for future updates.
Monthly Business Meeting:
Minutes.   The draft minutes of the February 14th  board meeting were read
by Secretary Charles Hartwig.  Highlights included the names of three club
members nominated by the Board for state-wide Lions awards to be announced
at the May 4th State Convention in Camden:  Bill Levins for the Ed Barry
Sight Conservation and Work with the Blind Award;  Brad Baker for the John
Barnett Leadership Award; and Pat Snodgrass for the  Jim Fowler Humanitarian
Financial Report.   Treasurer Ron Erwin went over his report of the
financial status of our club, as of January 31st.  While the Operating Fund
has bounced back nicely, thanks in part to several anonymous contributions
from members, the income from Fines is running slightly behind schedule - be
forewarned!  It was also noted that for the first time, a nut product sales
was paid for by a check which bounced-by someone in Mississippi.  Brad Baker
promised that a grim search for the dastardly person or persons involved in
this evil scam was promised - stay tuned for future updates.
Mid-Winter Forum Report.   Four of our club members had attended the
state-wide Mid-Winter Forum in Clarksville on February 2nd - two were in
attendance at the meeting today.  Since Brad Baker had been a presenter at
two sessions [and apparently did a great job], PDG Pat Snodgrass gave a
report of what had gone on.  He said that the program and the locale, on the
University of the Ozarks campus, were all excellent, including the food.  He
indicated that members who miss such sessions are really missing some
excellent meetings.
Next week's program:
           February Program Chair Tony Bari has scheduled Brittney Johnson
from the March of Dimes to make a presentation to the club on Tuesday,
February 26th.

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