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Tuesday - February 24, 2004

Lion President Tommy White (#25) won the Tail Twister’s pot on the first drawing.

Guests this week were Mr. Jim Watkins, with TCA Cable TV. He was a guest of Lion Ken Stallings and Lion Hubert Bittle, with the Nettleton Lions Club, was a guest of Lion Pat Snodgrass. Attendance this week was 30 members and 4 guests.

Lion Claud Cash has been admitted to UAMS in Little Rock for treatment. Please remember Lion Claud in your prayers. Lion Vern Drake is now home after having a hip replacement.

Congratulations to Lion Albert and Nancy Frankenberger for their gift to Dyeann’s House, making them a Sapphire Angel of Dyeann’s House. This past week-end Dyeann’s House received its first children for care during their parents’ visit to the hospital and everything went well. The youth of First Presbyterian Church is to have a car wash with the proceeds going to Dyeann’s House toward the purchase of a clothes dryer.

Congratulations to Lion Jim McAlister on receiving the Melvin Jones Fellowship award. PID Scott Rennels presented the Melvin Jones plaque and pin to Lion Jim. Since 1988, our club has made 30 presentations of the Melvin Jones Fellow awards. This represents $30,000 our club has donated to Lions Clubs International Foundation.

Lion Gary Glisson is asking every member to submit personal information on a questionnaire sheet he has printed to publish a club directory. Please turn in your information to Lion Gary immediately.

Lion Heath Meeks will soon be leaving on a 10 week mission trip to China. We will expect a good travel program about China when he returns.

Our program this week was given by Adam Saulsbury, Special Projects Coordinator with City Water & Light. Mr. Saulsbury talked about heat pumps and energy conservation programs. City Water & Light is awarding rebates to customers who install heat pumps and electric water heaters. He talked about the savings of heating and cooling with a heat pump versus using a natural gas furnace.

Next week our speaker will be Mr. Phil Taylor with Abilities Unlimited.

Remember the Car Show Committee meeting next Tuesday, March 2, 7:00 PM at the Forest Church of the Nazarene and the Board of Directors meeting, Thursday, March 4th at 6:30 AM at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant.

In the meantime — Sell those car show ads and sponsorships. Deadline is March 1st.

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