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Tuesday - March 10, 2015
Bees are social insects, b when confronted by man lose some of that sociability when confronted by man and perceived threats against their hives, former Craighead County Extension Agent and Beekeeper Steve Culp told Lions Tuesday.
Culp is a member of the Northeast Arkansas Beekeepers Association and a honey producer for about 10 years. The Culp product can  be purchased in area grocery stores and at some farmers markets.
Culp spoke after Lion President Jim Watkins called the meeting to order at 6:55 a.m. and new member Rick Barker was introduced. Barker will be confirmed as a member at Thursday’s meeting of the UH Lions Board of Directors.
Lion Tail Twister Bill Dickens (he doesn’t actually twist a Lion’s tail) was followed by Song Leader Donnie Kissinger, the pledge to the US Flag led by Lion Dave Redmon and Prayer by Lion Pat Snodgrass with awarding of the “pot” to Lion Brian Ulmer Badge 56.
The club’s Car Show Committee met Monday evening and Lion Ron McCormick, committee chairman, reported more than 40 entries had been received thus far, several sponsors have been obtained, the carnival and some concessions, including food, have been secured.
The Lions Car Show will be on March 27 (move-in set-up day), 28 and 29at the Craighead County, Northeast Arkansas District Fairgrounds in Jonesboro.
There were 19 members and the speaker, Culp. in attendance.

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