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Tuesday March 24, 2009



Lion Treasurer Tommy White was on Spring Break (#25) and Lion Tail Twister Bill Dickens (#38) won the pot.  Out attendance was 17 members plus 3 guests.  Scott Levins of Corydon, Indiana was a guest of his father Lion Bill Levins.


We now have 76 entrants for our car show April 3-5.  We will have a goody bag stuffing next Monday at 6:30 PM at Roller Farmers Union Funeral Home.  We are needing goody bag items and door prizes.  Bring these items to the Funeral Home next Monday evening.  We will have a signup sheet for workers on the three days of the show next Tuesday.  We need every member to work.


Our program this week was brought by Kendra Dalton and Jessica Nichols representing SVOSH-Student Volunteers in Optometric Service to Humanity.  Each year students at Southern College of Optometry in Memphis travel to Central and South America to provide free eye exams and eyeglasses to needy people.  The SVOSH students must raise $1,000 and spend 30 hours participating in group fundraisers.  The Lions Clubs in the cities the students work arrange room and board for the students and staff and provide the facilities to serve the people needing glasses.  If any member wishes to help these young ladies to raise funds for their trip call or write:

            Kendra Dalton                                 Jessica Nichols

            901 483 5633                                  785 691 5407

            SCO Mailbox 23                             SCO Mailbox 23

            1245 Madison Ave                         1245 Madison Ave

            Memphis, TN 38104                      Memphis, TN 38104


Next  week our program will be Dr. Elizabeth Hood, ASU Biofuels.


We will have election of new officers next Tuesday.  The Nominating Committee of Past Presidents have nominated the following members to the various offices.  Nominations from the floor will be accepted next Tuesday:

President                                                         Randy Dent

1st Vice President                                          Brad Baker

2nd Vice President                                         Larry Hinck

3rd Vice President                                          Curt Hodges

Secretary                                                         Pat Snodgrass

Treasurer                                                         Ron Erwin

Bulletin Editor                                                Jim Mashburn

Lion Tamers         Eric Grant Jim Mashburn Don Vineyard

Tail Twisters              Tony Bari Brad Baker Bill Dickens

1 Year Directors   Albert Frankenberger- Eric Grant-  Charles Hartwig

2 Year Directors    David Hamilton Marcy Harrell Bill Levins

Immediate Past President                               Vern Drake



P O BOX 1991
PHONE AND FAX (870) 932-1364




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