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Tuesday - April 7, 2015
Bluebirds. You know, those pretty blue and orange (rusty) feathered friends that nest in boxes a few feet above the ground or in tree cavities or other places convenient to them and safe from predators, were the topic of discussion at Tuesday’s meeting of the UH Lions Club. The discussion was led by ASU researcher Dr. Virginie Rolland.
She was accompanied by graduate assistant Brandy Chancellor.
Bluebirds have a few natural enemies, including English or house sparrows, starlings and raccoons and squirrels, who get into their nesting places and mess things up good, D. Chancellor told the Lions. She and graduate assistants conduct bluebird research in several locations around the area.
The program was introduced by Lion Eric Grant who has bluebird nesting boxes at his home as do Lions Jim and Helen Mashburn.
Lion President Jim Watkins called the meeting to order at 7:45 a.m. Lion Bill Dickens served as tail twister; Lion Bryan Ulmer won the pot drawing; Lion Jim Mashburn led the song; Lion Norman Dickson the pledge and Lion Robert Bahn the prayer.
Lion Ron McCormick, chairman of the annual car show reported that profit from the show, which will be used in Lion programs, will be an estimated $9,500.
New member Rick Barkley was sworn in at Tuesday’s meeting.
There were 20 Lions and two guests at the meeting.


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