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Tuesday - April 8, 2014

The weekly UH Lions Club's meeting began at 6:30 a.m. in the Chef's In at
105 Burke Ave., with 16 members  and three guests present.  Guests were
Helen Mashburn, guest of Lion Jim Mashburn; Scott Levins, son of Lion Bill
Levins; and pharmacy intern Sarah Jane Hancock, guest of Lion Tony Bari.
- Mid-South Leadership program will be this weekend at Mid-South Lions in
Memphis. We have three members planning to attend - there are still some openings for
others. Contact Brad Baker for details.

- Election of club officers will be next Tuesday at the Business Meeting

[April 15th], the deadline for reporting the results.
- Board Meeting this Thursday morning -- 6:30 am in Chef's In.
- Car Show results:  payments and bills are still coming in, but a full
report should be available at the Board meeting this Thursday.

- The State Convention in Harrison will be on Saturday, April 26th.  We

really need some more members to attend.  Contact Secretary Charles Hartwig for forms and details.


The speaker was Dr. Don Bowyer, Dean of the College Fine Arts at Arkansas
State University. [The only separate college of fine arts in the state], who
made an interesting presentation entitled The Inherent Value of the Arts,
followed by details of the many arts presentations (300 a year, in music,
art, and theater) at ASU, most of them being free. [More information is at].  His introduction noted that he played
trombone in bands on eleven cruise ships, "the first ten of which did not
sink." (For details of # 11, see <> .)
Now located safely inland in Jonesboro, he is a tireless advocate for all of
the fine arts.
Charles Hartwig, Public Relations Chair
Jonesboro University Heights Lions Club
P.O. Box 16063
Jonesboro, AR 72403


Reminder: New member application forms are online at
<> , and can be filled in at
that site and then printed off.

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