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Tuesday - April 9, 2013

At our weekly Tuesday morning meeting today, Clinton Kissinger [#16] won the Tail Twisters' pot on the first drawing.
Attendance was, in addition to the speaker, 17 members and one guest:  District Governor-Elect Norm Moyer.
1.  The 24th annual CAR SHOW was last weekend, and was a big success.  Car Show Chair Brad Baker, happy to start his final reports in that role, announced that we took in $14,000. He also announced that the 2014 Car Show, our 25th one, will be March 28-30, 2014, and cheerfully left the car show files for incoming committee chair Jim Watkins before heading out for a noon meeting in Ft. Smith.
2.  It was noted again that the annual Arkansas Lions State  Convention is coming up on May 4th in Camden, and we'll have to pick our official delegates soon, plus instruct them on how to vote on proposed resolutions. [The Resolutions are part of the attached March state Newsletter, for your information.]
3. DGE Norm Moyer, whose term as Governor will start on July 1st, gave a little talk about planning for the future, growing clubs -- including new ones -- and asked if anyone is interested in being the next District Treasurer.  [No one leaped up to volunteer for that post, for some reason.]
4.  Long-time UH Lion (Robert) Leon Lee had died the previous Friday -- several members had attended yesterday's funeral or the visitation the day before.  A sympathy card for his family was circulated for signatures.  RIP, Lion Leon!
5. The UH Lions Board will meet this Thursday at 6:30 am in the restaurant.
6. Jim Mashburn passed around preliminary ballots for officers for the coming Lions Year, which will be used by the Board to generate a final ballot for next Tuesday.
Substituting for the absent April Program Chair Jim Watkins, Charles Hartwig introduced our speaker, Lt. Todd Nelson of the Jonesboro Police Department, who heads up the "Quality of Life Unit" in the JPD, which directly includes Animal Control, Code Enforcement, and an Investigative officer.  He gave a very informative talk, noting that his unit has a focus in on rental properties, working with both landlords and renters, using tools such as nuisance abatement lawsuits to improve the rental environment for all concerned.
Future programs:
April 16th       Business Meeting
April 23rd       Dr. Marti Allen, ASU Museum Director, who will speak about the  upcoming  "Rockabilly Boogiefest."
April 30th       Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin

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