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Tuesday - April 16, 2013

At our weekly Tuesday morning meeting today, Donnie Kissinger [# 9] followed his son last week by winning the Tail Twisters' pot on the third drawing. Pat Snodgrass [# 31] actually had his number drawn first, but some sort of dispute about his pin led to the Tail Twister disqualifying him, and after Mark Poe [# 21] turned up missing, Donnie finally won.
Attendance was 18 members and one guest:  Randy Crisler, Market Development Manager for Coca Cola.
1.  President Curt Hodges presented Randy Crisler with a framed appreciation certificate in recognition of Coke's sponsorship contribution to our recent Car Show.
2. Lion Bryan Ulmer, on behalf of the Car Show judges, presented President Curt Hodges with his 2nd Place Award plaque, with attached photo, for his 1955 Chevy Bel Aire sedan, which had been entered in our Car Show.  [Curt said that this is the first time that he had won anything.]
2.  After calling for volunteers, the club picked its delegates to the 2013 Arkansas Lions State  Convention coming up on May 4th in Camden.  The club will pay for registration ($45) for each delegate--which will cover breakfast and lunch, in addition to the standard registration charge.  Official delegates will be Curt Hodges, Charles Hartwig, and Donnie Kissinger, with Alternates being Bryan Ulmer and Clinton Kissinger.  Pat Snodgrass will also represent our club there.
3. With major ballot help from Lion Jim Mashburn, members voted for club officers for the coming Lions Year. Ron McCormick will be our new 3rd Vice President, and the new Two-Year Directors will be Bryan Ulmer and Norm Dickson. [The full list is below.]
Business Meeting:
1.  Secretary Charles Hartwig somehow made it through the draft Minutes of the April 11th Board meeting.  Since the Board had decided to allocate $800 of our budgeted donation to Mid-South Sight and Hearing to sponsor a golf team at the May 20th Mid-South tournament at the PGA-style Mirimichi Golf Course  (owned by Justin Timberlake) in Millington, TN, designated "team captain" Vern Drake was very interested in finding out who else would make up the 4-member UH Lions team.  While there seems a chance that the team will be filled out, cheerleader and groupie positions will be open until the meet starts -- contact Vern.  (The contest to give the team a name also continues.)
2. Treasurer Ron Erwin gave his monthly financial report.  The $1000 ASU Scholarship donation will be sent in shortly, less the balance which we apparently have in the scholarship account.
President Curt called a special meeting after the end of the regular meeting of all former Melvin Jones Fellowship holders to select the winners of this year's awards.
Future April programs arranged by Jim Watkins:
April 23rd       Dr. Marti Allen, ASU Museum Director, who will speak about the  upcoming  "Rockabilly Boogiefest."
April 30th       Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin
                 University Heights Lions Officers, 2013-2014
President                         Robert Bahn
1st Vice President          Tommy White
2nd Vice President         Jim Watkins
3rd Vice President          Ron McCormick
Secretary                         Charles Hartwig
Treasurer                         Ron Erwin
Bulletin Editor                 Charles Hartwig
Lion Tamers                     Eric Grant
                                           Donnie Kissinger
                                           Pat Snodgrass
Tail Twisters                    Tony Bari
                                          Brad Baker
                                          Bill Dickens
1 Year Directors             Tony Bari
                                          Vern Drake
2 Year Directors              Bryan Ulmer
                                           Norm Dickson
Immed. Past President   Curt Hodges
Membership Chair           Curt Hodges

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