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Tuesday - April 18, 2006
Lion Bobby Wood (#35) won the Tail Twister’s pot on the first drawing. Mr. Chris Evans, with Liberty Bank, was a guest of Lion Tommy White. Attendance was 25 members and 1 guest present.
Due to health reasons, Lion Dale McKinney has changed his membership to an associate member. We will miss him in our den. Dale is a charter member of our club and has 41 years of 100% attendance
Lion Gary Glisson is updating our club directory. If you need to make changes or additions to the directory, please advise Lion Gary.
This was our business meeting. The Secretary read the minutes of the board of directors meeting and the Treasurer gave his March 31 financial statement. The club bank account balance was $24,296.81 with $3,413.25 in the Operating Fund and $20,883.56 in the Activity Fund.
The following officers were elected to take office on July 1, 2006:
President Ken Helman                         1st Vice President Bryan Ulmer
2nd Vice President Ron Erwin               3rd Vice President Randy Dent
Secretary Ed Larson                            Treasurer Vern Drake
Lion Tamers Don Vineyard                   Tail Twisters Tony Bari
                    Jim Mashburn                                        Brad Baker
                    Eric Grant                                              Bill Dickens
1 Year Directors Jerry Garrett               2 Year Directors Beau Honeycutt
                   Jim McAlister                                              K Rex Mayfield
                   Marcy Harrell                                               Bill Levins
These new officers will be installed on June 20 - time and place to be announced later. Mr. Joel Gardner, Director of Jonesboro Economical Transit Service will be our speaker next Tuesday
Lion Bill Hester will be program chairman for the month of May. He has the following programs scheduled:
May 2 Jayne Blackburn "May is Mental Health Month"
May 9 Rusty Shields - musical program
May 16 Business Meeting
May 23 Jason Whitley, Manager of Turtle Creek Mall
May 30 To be announced later.




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