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Tuesday - April 26, 2005

Lion Steve Hillís #5 was drawn and also Lion Brad Bakerís #50 was drawn however both were absent and Lion Tony Bari (#10) was the winner of the Tail Twisterís pot on the third drawing.

Guests this week were Payton Glisson, a guest of his father Lion Gary Glisson, Miss Lisa Jones a guest of Lion Tony Bari and Mr. K. Rex Mayfield a guest of Lion Bill Levins. Miss Jones is a 4th year student at UAMS in School of Pharmacy and Mr. Mayfield is employed with the Ritter Communications Co. Our attendance was 23 members plus 4 guests.

Lion Bill Levins was presented the Membership Key for sponsoring 2 new members into our club. A Key Member Award is made to those Lions who have sponsored 2 members into Lionism and have remained a member for at least one year. It is a progressive award for 2, 6, 12, 25 and more members. The key Members of our club are Lions Brad Baker, Bill Hester, Leon Lee, Bill Levins, Jim Mashburn, Dale McKinney, Mark Poe, Charles Reeves, Scott Rennels, Pat Snodgrass and Bobby Wood.

Dates to remember:

May 6-7 State Convention in N. Little Rock

May 12-13 White Cane Day

May 20 Benton Lions Club Annual Golf Tournament, Longhill Golf Course, Benton, AR

May 21 Flag Day for Armed Forces Day

May 30 Flag Day for Memorial Day

Our program this week was given by Mr. James Hewett of PACES (Parenting and Childbirth Education Services) office in Jonesboro. He spoke about a new Mentor program for children of parents in prison. PACES has a goal of 67 kids being enrolled in the mentor program. They only ask for 1 hour per week of a caring adult with a 1 year commitment to the program.

This Saturday from 1 to 4 there will be a yard clean up at Dyeannís House after the garage sale which starts at 7:00 A.M. Bring your rakes and yard tools to help clean up the yard.

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