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Tuesday - April 28, 2015
The UH Lions Club’s regular meeting, held April 28 at Chef’s In Buffet was attended by a goodly number of members and two guests, David Redmon, son of member David Redmon and Dr. Kim Pittcock, professor of horticulture at Arkansas State University.
Lion First Vice President Ron McCormick presided in absence of Lion President Jim Watkins, who was out of town. Following a tail twisting session by Lion Tail Twister Bill Dickinson (not Dickens)  during which Ron McCormick, badge 48, won the pot drawing again.
The meeting song was led by Lion Donnie Kissinger, the pledge by Lion Curt Hodges and the prayer by Lion Ron (Lightnin’) Erwin.
Lion Ron (Mc)  announced White Cane on May 7 and 8 at Walmart on Highland Drive. Two teams for each session are needed and signup sheets are available. Sign up!.
Dr. Pittcock talked about releasing “the green thumb in yourself,” and other matters pertaining to gardening. Number-one, improve your soil. Utilize soil tests and add organic matter. This helps the soil to hold nutrients and moisture and makes those components more readily available to plants, whether flowers or vegetables.



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