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Tuesday - April 29, 2014

The weekly UH Lions Club's meeting began at 6:30 a.m. in the Chef's In at

105 Burke Ave., with 18 members  and one guest present.  Guest was Helen
Mashburn, guest of Lion Jim Mashburn.
Bryan Ulmer won the pot drawing (Badge No. 56); Tony Bari led the song;
Frank Wasco the pledge and Ron Erwin the prayer.
The state Lions meeting was held last weekend at Harrison;  the UH Lions
Club swept the awards, taking all four state awards.
Lion Jim Watkins reported the club netted around $19,000 from the car show,
less $1,690 for repairs to the borrowed Kubota that was accidentally
Lion Jim will be the 2014-15 club president and Lion Ron McCormick will
serve as 2015 car show chairman.
Last Saturday's participation in the recycling event, Paint the Town Green,
was unevenful. Lion President Robert Bahn and Lions Ron McCormick and Curt
Hodges participated in the less than well publicized Downtown Jonesboro
White Cane signup went around again, for the May 15-16 days at Wal-Mart on
Highland Drive.
Tuesday's speaker cancelled due to Sunday's tornado damage in Vilonia, where
she lives. The speaker and her family survived but did receive damage to
Charles Hartwig, Public Relations Chair
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