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Tuesday - May 17, 2005

Lion Bobby Wood (#35) won the Tail Twister’s pot on the first drawing. There were no guests and our attendance was 23 members present.

Lion Gary Glisson reported the net income from the White Cane project was approximately $1,400, which put us about $600 above budget for White Cane this year. Thanks to all members who worked White Cane.

Lion Ken Helman reported the open house last Saturday for Dyeann’s House was a great success with the club getting some good publicity about Dyeann’s House. He also reports that the facility is being used 3 or 4 times each week by families needing our service. Thanks to Lion Ken and the Dyeann’s House Committee for a great job.

Lion President Eric was presented the Lions International President’s Certificate of Appreciation by District Governor Pat Snodgrass. Also at the State Convention, your Bulletin Editor was awarded the Edward G. Barry Memorial Award.

Welcome to our newest member, Lion K. Rex Mayfield, sponsored by Lion Bill Levins, who was duly installed by District Governor Pat Snodgrass. Lion K. Rex resides at 622 West Oak #1 in Jonesboro. He is employed with the E. Ritter Communications and his wife is Suzanne. His phone numbers are 870 336-1210 and 934-3424.

Lion Secretary Ken read the minutes of the May 12 Board of Directors meeting and Lion Treasurer Vern gave his financial report. Our bank balance, on April 30,was $21,738.58 with $390.63 in the Operating Fund and $21,347.95 in the Activity Fund. It was also noted that the Board of Directors voted to raise the monthly dues to $35.00 for regular members ($5.00 increase) and $25.00 for Life Members ($10.00 increase). Members at large dues will remain at $5.00 per month plus meals. The dues increase will go in effect on June 1st.

The installation of new members and Awards banquet will be Tuesday, June 28 at 6:30 PM at Western Sizzlin. Next year’s Car Show dates are March 25 and 26 at the Convocation Center.

The club received thank you notes from Mid South Lions Sight and Hearing, Arkansas Lions Eye Bank and Laboratory, and the Jonesboro Food Bank for our contributions to these organizations.

Programs scheduled:

5/24 Rev. Jim Lagrone - Baptist minister from Bryant, Arkansas

5/31 Jonesboro Church Health Center

The Benton, AR Lions Club is putting on their 2nd annual Benton Lions Club Golf Tournament this Friday, May 20 at the Longhills Golf Course. Call Bruce Hester at 501 952-5264, if you plan to participate.





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