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Tuesday - May 22, 2007


Lions Brad Baker tail twisted, Don Vineyard sang, Bill Dickens pledged and Tommy White prayed.
Lion Brad Baker (#50) had Lion Ed Larson draw his number for the Tail Twisterís pot on the first drawing. Our attendance was 20+- members and no guests.
It was good to have Lion Bill Levins back after his kidney stone experience.
White Cane Chairman Ron Erwin turned $1,244.48 from white cane over to treasurer Vern. Several lions told amusing stories about their collection experiences.
The flag routes were ran successfully on Armed Forces day and all routes are covered for Memorial Day. Flag routes for Memorial day are as follows:
                                     Put out                    Pick-up
South Main & Union      Ken Helman            Bill Hester
Matt.,Wash.,Jeff.,Hun   Leon Lee                Leon Lee
Southwest Drive           Tony Bari                Tony Bari
East Johnson               James Park             James Park
West Johnson              Charles Hartwig  Charles Hartwig
Gee Street                   Don Vineyard      Don Vineyard
Caraway                      Pat Snodgrass        Ed Larson
East Mathews              Albert                      Albert
East Nettleton #1         Vern                        Vern
East Nettleton #2         Dave Redmond    Dave Redmond
East Highland Dr.         Tommy White       Bill Dickens
Parker Rd.                    Bill Levins            Bill Levins
Browns Lane                Ron Erwin            Ron Erwin
President Ken presented a $1,600 check to Pat Snodgrass, incoming president of Dyeannís House.
This weeks brags are: Dave Redmond for being featured on Off Beat with Bob on Sunday, Brads daughter for awards won at the Nettleton Athletic Awards, and Tony Bariís brother for being smoke free for two months.
Our program, the Army Recruiter, was AWOL.
Remember to keep the date of June 29 open for our annual awards and installation of officers banquet. This will be at the Jonesboro Country Club. Cost of the meal will be $14.25 per person.
Lions Jim Mashburn is still recovering from surgery.
Scheduled programs:
May 29 Joan Cash, Arkansas State Representative
June 5 Jason Wilkie, Jonesboro Parks & Recreation
June 8 Mid-South Sight & Hearing Service auction
June 29 Awards Banquet


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