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Tuesday - June 17, 2014
At our Tuesday morning meeting today, Lion Ron McCormick's number [# 48] was
drawn for the Tail Twisters' pot.  Attendance was 18, plus one guest and a
"temporary guest."  The latter was Helen Mashburn, who entered the meeting
as a guest, but left as a full member [see below]. The "real" guest was PDG
Norine Westerbeck.
                --Request.  Past District Governor Norine Westerbeck asked
the club if anyone would be willing to help drive one or a few campers down
to the Camp for the Blind in the Hot Springs area on Sunday, July 6th and/or
Sunday July 13th.  There may be around 80 campers [registration is still
going on] this summer, and several of them from the Jonesboro/Paragould need
rides.  If you are interested or need more information, contact Lion Norine
--Thanks.  PDG Norine Westerbeck then presented the club with a certificate
of appreciation for our financial support of the Blind Camp program.
                --Change in venue, first two meetings in July.  At the last
minute, it was revealed that the restaurant would be closed for a vacation
during our first two meetings in July. [NOT next week's meeting on June
24th, however.]  Stay tuned for location updates - all we know right now is
that the July 1st and July 8th weekly meetings will NOT be in the Chef's In
restaurant-and probably not in Ron McCormick's kitchen, either.
JUNE BUSINESS MEETING:  President Robert Bahn presided over his last club
Business Meeting, which featured:
1.       Draft Minutes from the June 5th Board meeting, by Secretary Charles
Hartwig.  (Outgoing President Robert's golden parachute never came up -
possibly since there was none.)
2.       Financial Report from Treasurer Ron Erwin.
3.       Proposed club budget for 2014-2015, by incoming President Jim
Watkins and continuing Treasurer Ron Erwin.  A few changes were made, to be
detailed in a special Supplement to the final June Board meeting Minutes,
and then the amended Budget was approved by unanimous "Bite em" consent.
4.       100% Attendance pins for 2013-2014 were handed out to the six
members who had requested a pin.
5.       The Melvin Jones Fellow plaque which had not made it to the annual
Awards/Installation banquet last week had finally arrived in the mail, and
was presented by Treasurer Ron Erwin to President [still] Robert Bahn.
            President Robert called a special Board meeting to consider the
just completed (at last!!) membership application by Helen Mashburn,
sponsored by her husband Jim Mashburn.   After several members vouched for
her good character, her family membership application was approved with wild
enthusiasm. [Motion Charles Hartwig; 2. Ron McCormick]  New Lion Helen
begins her Lions work today, as she drives Jim up to help represent the club
at the installation banquet tonight of the new Salem Lions Club.
  --Charles Hartwig, filling in for Newsletter Editor Curt Hodges


Reminder: New member application forms are online at , and can be filled in at
that site and then printed off.

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