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Tuesday - July 8, 2014
As were our last two regular meetings,  the UH Lions' board meeting will be
held at Ole' Hickory. The date and time will be Thursday, July 10 at 6:30
It's been nice to have bacon that is actually cooked!
The regular meeting, July 8, was well attended with 22 present - all members
or life members.
It was nice to see Lion Intrepid Song Leader Don Vineyard (despite his
republican jokes - lower case r is 'a purpose). Also nice to see Lion Al back
in the fold (den).
Lion Don entertained everyone with very pertinent information about the
local elections, which he has been participating  in as a poll worker for
over a decade (makes it sound like a long time). Seems, as we all supposed,
that at least local elections are run properly.
-Flag Day July 4, went well.
-Jim and Helen Mashburn took two blind persons to the Blind Camp (we all
know who drove - hopefully we do)
-The golf team did well (the plaque they won was displayed).
-Don't forget the board meeting at Ole Hickory).
Tail Twister was Lion Bill Dickens; prayer was led by Lion Donnie Kissinger;
Lion Curt Hodges led the pledge and Lion Charles Hartwig, Badge No. 51, won
the pot drawing.
Submitted by Lion Curt Hodges.


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