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Tuesday - July 13, 2004

Lion Bill Hester (#60) won the Tail Twister’s pot on the first drawing.

Mr. Greg Chance with KASU was a guest of the club. Our attendance is still in a summer season slump with 22 in attendance plus two guests.

Lion District Governor Pat Snodgrass gave a brief summery on the International Convention which he and Lions Ed Larson and Eric Grant attended last week in Detroit, Michigan. He stated there was an excess of 20,000 Lions in attendance with over 9,000 marching in the three mile long parade. Lion Jimmy Ross from Texas was elected 2nd Vice President and Lion Clement F. Kusiak of Linthicum, Maryland is our new International President.

Lion Ken Holman reports that after applying the $75,000 gift from L.C.I.F. to Dyeann’s House we have reduced the indebtness to Liberty Bank to $86,000 thus the monthly payment has been reduced almost $300.00 to $499.00.

Lion Ed Larson presented his year end financial statement at the board meeting which stated a bank balance of $7,643.99 of which the Operating Fund had a balance of $914.03 and the Activity Fund had a balance of $6,729.96.

Membership and attendance was the main subject covered at our board meeting Thursday. Every effort needs to be made to encourage attendance and recruitment of new and/or former members.

Lion Secretary Ken announced and presented 100% attendance awards to the following members:

Janine Helman 1 year   David Redmon 9 year           Scott Rennels 14year

Jerry Garrett    1 ``       Pat Snodgrass 10 ``             Bill Dickens 16 ``

Ron Erwin       1 ``       Albert Frankenberger 11 ``     Kevin Reed 17 ``

Bryan Ulmer    2 ``      Bobby Wood 13 ``                 Mark Poe 19 ``

Ken Helman 2 ``         Bill Hester 13 ``                     Ed Larson 22 ``

Gary Glisson 2 ``        Charles Hartwig 13 ``             Leon Lee 32 ``

Tommy White 6 ``      Tony Bari 13 ``                       Don Vineyard 34 ``

Eric Grant 7 ``            Brad Baker 13 ``                     Dale McKinney 39 ``

Bill Levins 8 ``            Vern Drake 14 ``                     Jim Mashburn 52 ``

Our program this week was given by Drs. William P. McLean and Patrick A. Stewart, Masters of Public Administration Program, Arkansas State University. Their talk and video presentation was on Changing Food Consumer Patterns. Growing alternative food marketplace with organic foods and education of public awareness of the value of use of organic foods.

Scheduled programs:

July 20 Charles Beliew, Social Security Administration

July 27 Charles S.(Spud) Clark, World War 2 Veteran(B-24 pilot)

P O BOX 1991
PHONE AND FAX (870) 932-1364





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