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Tuesday - August 5, 2014
President Jim Watkins opened the meeting at 6:50 am, after another delightful breakfast meal at the Chef's In.
The first Tail Twisters' pot winning number announced by Tail Twister of the day Bill Dickens was #54. That badge number was being worn by President Jim Watkins, but he was deep in conversation with Lion Tony Bari, and he never heard his number being called.  Then #8 was called, but Lion Curt Hodges was sadly absent. Number 58 was then drawn, but Lion Ken Stallings was also absent. Finally, #38 was drawn, and the person who announced the number, none other than Tail Twister Bill Dickens, was thrilled to claim the pot.
There were 20 present for the meeting, including one guest, Dr. Joe Stallings of AHEC, and the speaker.
Mid-South Lions Auction, Saturday, August 9th in Memphis. [THIS weekend!]
A table for 8 has been paid for, with seats still available.  Last-minute attendees should contact Brad Baker ASAP, at .

 - Various thanks letters for our donations had been received by President Jim.  Hopefully some of these could be recorded via photos in the Jonesboro Sun.



Lion Eric Grant, August Program Chair, introduced the speaker, David Moore, Director of the Craighead County Emergency Management office, who gave an interesting program about what his office does to prepare for the next disaster to hit our community.
--by Charles Hartwig, substituting for Newsletter Editor Curt Hodges.


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