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Tuesday - August 12, 2014
President Jim Watkins opened the meeting at 6:50 am by handing over the podium to Tail Twister of the day Bill Dickens.
For the second week in a row, Bill won his own Tail Twisters' pot!!
Needless to say, this led to lots of verbal comments about the selection process.  To be fair, however, Bill's number 38 again was not the first one called, since another number was initially picked by the speaker. However, Lion Tom Woods [#19] was absent, and thus Bill had his number pulled on the second go-around.  (The Mayor did note that he felt a little piece of gum still sticking to number 38, but fortunately for Bill not many heard thatcomment.)
There were 24 present for the meeting, including the speaker and two guests: former club member [and 1st Vice President] Tommy White and Ben Barylske, a key aide to the speaker.


-- Brad Baker announced that the Mid-South Lions Sight & Hearing Auction in Memphis last weekend had been a success, and had raised around $10,000.
-- Secretary Charles Hartwig again reminded members that anyone planning to attend the annual District 7-0 Convention in Heber Springs next month [Sat., September 27th] should let him know ASAP so we can send in the registration forms and fees before the latter goes up $10 for fees sent in after Sept. 10th.
-- The club's Board will meet this Thursday morning, Aug. 14th, at 6:30 am in the Chef's In restaurant.


Lion Eric Grant, August Program Chair, introduced the speaker, Harold Perrin, Mayor of Jonesboro, who gave a very interesting program, including details of why today's vote [and the polls will be open until 7:30 pm today, Tue., August 12th] about redirecting sales tax revenues was so important. (20% of the city's revenues will be lost after a temporary sales tax expires on December 31st of this year, and it needs to be made up somewhere.)
The Mayor also gave details about a number of projects recently or soon to be completed, such as the new Municipal Building, the new [in two weeks] Police HQ, work planned for north Jonesboro flood control, and the new Miracle League Field and Playground slated to open in October.
--by Charles Hartwig, substituting for Newsletter Editor Curt Hodges.

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