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Tuesday - August 21, 2012

At our Tuesday meeting this week [August 21st], Jim Mashburn (# 2) AGAIN won the pot – third time in a month, second week in a row! This time it took five drawings, however, since the following Lions were absent: Don Vineyard (#18), Tony Bari (#10), and Bryan Ulmer (#56). [#44 was also drawn, but that number needs to be retired, since Brad Carson has left the club.]

Attendance was 18 members and two guests: Keith Baker was a guest of Jim Watkins, and Clinton Kissinger was a guest of his dad Donnie.

Our next Flag Day will be Labor Day, Monday, September 3rd. A sign-up sheet was started; we’ll have one more meeting next week to get the slots filled in.

First Vice President Robert Bahn presided over the monthly Business Meeting; Secretary Charles Hartwig read the draft minutes of the August 16th Board meeting, and Treasurer Ron Erwin presented the monthly financial report. We have $8,295 in the Activity Fund, and $1,236 in the Operating Fund, as of July 31st.

Brad Baker announced on behalf of the Car Show Committee that they recommend that our 2013 Car Show remain in the ASU Convocation Center, and that it will be held on Friday-Sunday, April 5-7, 2013. The club accepted this recommendation unanimously, and plans to apply for funding from the city and to invite Lions International President Wayne Madden [a car buff] to attend were immediately implemented.

Announcements included Bill Levins noting that eyeglasses applications were up, while funds were down. A White Cane day seems to be called for. Charles Hartwig reported that the annual Lions International Peace Poster contest was underway, and that information had been sent to local art teachers of 11-13 year old students to encourage their schools/programs to participate.

The bulk of the meeting was spent on the IRS issue, with IPP Larry Hinck giving a detailed account of his negotiations with assorted Internal Revenue Service agents, plus noting a new IRS letter received that very morning. Since it appears that we ARE going to have to pay taxes, and that interest is building up every additional day that it is not paid, action seemed to be called for. Larry suggested that individual club members could make special donations to the club to help out, and that the IRS code seems clear that they could be considered tax deductible contributions on individual 2012 returns, since the club’s 501(C) 4 status has been restored.

[Editorial comment by CH: this is where the session seemed to turn into a called special Board meeting.] Two motions were proposed and passed:

[1] To immediately mail in the $1713 due to the IRS, and to consider the funds internally as a loan from the Activity Fund to the Operating Fund. Moved by Brad Baker; 2nd by Jim Watkins, and passed with two abstentions.

[2] To authorize Treasurer Ron Erwin, if the club receives an additional small amount of interest bill from the IRS, to immediately write and mail in a check for this small additional amount, without waiting for another club meeting. Motion by Bill Dickens; 2nd by Jim Watkins—no objections.

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