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Tuesday - September 21, 2010


Today was our business meeting.  We had 14 Lions present and one prospective member.
Lion Tony Bari was our Tail Twister and our coffee/tea maker and gave us several pieces of good advice such as "You don't have to have a parachute to skydive once.  You have to have a parachute to be able to skydive twice."
Lion Tony also lead us in "You're a Grand Old Flag".  PDG Pat Snodgrass led our pledge and Lion Charles Hartwig led our prayer.
Secretary Lion Charles read the minutes of our last board meeting.  Highlights included blanks on the financial report, discussion about pecan sales, Peace Poster Contest, White Cane report, Flag Project invoicing, LensMasters information, District Convention and Leo Club reports.
Lion Charles also reminded the club of our District 7-O Convention on October 15-16 here in Jonesboro.  We will need volunteers to help man the hospitality room and set up the St. Bernard's Auditorium on Friday, Oct 15 and our club needs to be represented at the meeting as well.  Please let Lion Charles know if you plan to attend as the registration fee increases on Oct 1.
The date for our Lions TV Auction is Saturday, December 11.  Please begin soliciting for items, and be prepared to begin finding sponsors soon.
Committee lists were passed around the club this morning.  If you are interested in changing committees please let President Brad know ASAP, as if you don't the committee list will remain the same.  PDG Pat Snodgrass has volunteered to chair White Cane for this year.
Treasurer Lion Ron began with the Operating Fund, where our balance is $3,820.31 and Activity Fund balance is $5,194.57.  Funds from the Moll Optometry project ($42) will be transferred to the Activity Fund's Special Projects Account, and will alter the balances accordingly.
Lion Bill Levins reported that 36 people have been approved for eyeglasses this year, but due to decreasing funds some new applicants are being asked to check with other area Lions Clubs, and/or are being put on a waiting list.
Vice Presidents Larry and Robert were not present and VP Curt had no report.
In Old Business, President Brad acknowledged that it will be extremely difficult to conduct pecan sales in the mall, and asks that all members commit to selling more nuts on their own to help raise our Activity Fund balance so we can buy more eyeglasses...see above.  This is our Club's next chance to raise big money to help the sight impaired.
There was no new business.
Meeting was adjourned with reminders to make plans to attend and invite guests as our speakers next week will be our District Governor Judy Moose and her husband PCC David Moose from West Memphis.


Thank you Brad for writing the newsletter.



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