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Tuesday - October 2, 2012

At our Tuesday weekly meeting this morning, Dave Redmon (#34) had his number
picked to win the pot on a near-record 6th drawing, after it was determined
that five other members were absent: Randy Dent (#23), Joe George (#47),
Paul Cossey (#33), Al Frankenberger (#4), and Jim Mashburn (#2).

Attendance was 18 members, one guest (Holly Johnson), and the speaker.

Members were reminded of:

1. The annual District 7-0 Convention in Trumann on Saturday, Oct. 13.
Voting delegates selected to attend were Curt Hodges, Donnie Kissinger, and
Charles Hartwig. The alternate delegate will be Bryan Ulmer; Pat Snodgrass
will be attending too. The club will pay for their registration fees of $20
each. (It's possible that Brad Baker will make it as well, if he has
recovered by then from today's ceremonies in the White House -- see other
emailed information about this; live streaming covereage of this event
starts at 12:45 today.) It was also noted that the Trumann Lions Club will
be having a free chicken and BBQ meal at 6 pm the evening before (Friday) in
honor of the visiting International Director who will speak to the
convention the next day.

2. TV Auction Committee members were reminded that the initial meeting of
the Auction Committee will be next Monday, October 8th at 6:30 pm, at the
Forest Home Church of the Nazarene on Race Street.

3. Since next Monday is also Columbus Day and a flag day, members signed up
for flag routes for Monday. Contact Pat Snodgrass if you want to help out.

4. Donnie Kissinger had attended the Hot Springs Village Lions Club 40th
anniversary banquet, and had taken two of our club banners to present to the
host club and to Lions International President Madden, who was the special
speaker. He returned the favor by giving Donnie one of his banners for our
club, and also noted that he would be unable to make it to our car show next

5. Sight Chair Bill Levins noted that since our used eyeglasses collection
efforts continue to be successful, he had given around 300 pairs of glasses
to Central Baptist Church for a mission trip to Haiti. [This is in addition
to the over 1,100 pairs given to the student SVOSH team in Memphis last

6. Guest Holly Johnson, an ASU Social Work student, advised the club of the
work of the ASU CARE (Community Action Reinforcing Empowerment) center for
low-income residents in town, and asked if we could provide information and
forms about the services provided by Lions [which were immediately given to
her], AND to ask the club if we could participate in a Health Fair at their
Marshall Street headquarters on Saturday, October 27th. (The Board will
consider this at their October meeting.)

Tony Bari introduced the speaker, 2nd Judicial District Circuit Judge Lee
Fergus of Jonesboro, who gave a very interesting talk about the courts and
what they do. His Circuit Court, one of eleven in the state, covers six
counties in NE Arkansas, and he spends a large part of his time dealing with
juvenile cases. He started the first juvenile drug court not long ago,
located in Craighead County, which might prove to be a model for other parts
of the state. Judge Fergus also noted that 100% of the 11 juveniles (aged
14-18 years) currently part of the drug court come from broken homes.

Other programs for October scheduled by Lion Tony Bari are listed below.
Invite a guest to these!

Oct. 9: Danny Honnoll, Craighead County Historical Society

Oct. 16: Business Meeting

Oct. 23: Steve Culp, local beekeeper. "Bees and Beekeeping Today"

Oct. 29: Wendy Hymes, (new) Director, ASU Fowler Center

Reminder: New member application forms are online at
<> , and can be filled in at
that site and then printed off.

Invite a guest or prospective member.


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