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Tuesday - December 11, 2012

At our Tuesday weekly meeting this week, Tail Twister Robert Bahn awarded
the drawing pot to fellow Tail Twister Tony Bari (# 10), an event which of
course raised loud [but futile] cries of outrage.
Attendance was 18 members.


1.    TV Auction Committee Chair Brad Baker reported that preliminary
figures from the TV Auction last Saturday suggest that it was a success, and
thanked all those who helped out. Over 200 items were sold, bringing in an
estimated $11,000 to $12,000, with the auction receiving 49.19% of the
listed value of donated items.  A LOAF grant will be submitted with the help
of DPG Pat Snodgrass to help the auction-generated funds reach the price of
a SPOT preliminary diagnostic device or "camera" to help in children's
vision screenings.
2.    Lion Bill Dickens again hauled in boxes of nuts to the restaurant, and
members took packages of yummy nuts [pecans, cashews, and English walnuts]
for one of our most important fund-raiser projects of the year.  Keep those
sales going -- and turn in any funds collected!
3.    Tony Bari asked members if they and a spouse/significant other would
be interested in coming next Tuesday to our annual Christmas banquet at
Lazzari's for $14.02 each [tip and taxes included.]  We'll order from their
10-entree banquet menu next Tuesday evening, Dec. 18th ,at 6:30 pm.  Eleven
members said that they would be coming, so the plan now is to cancel the
Tuesday morning club meeting [originally a business meeting] and have just
the evening gathering at Lazzari's restaurant on S. Caraway Rd.  We'll pay
at the front door after coming in, and continue our tradition of bringing
some non-perishable food items for the Helping Neighbors Food Pantry.
(NOTE:  If you decide that you CAN make the banquet, but had not signed up
on Tuesday, please let Secretary Charles Hartwig know by next Sunday, so we
don't run out of space and/or food options.  The following Lions have
indicated that they would attend with a spouse: Bill Dickens, Bill Levins,
Donnie Kissinger, Jim Mashburn, Vern Drake, Larry Hinck, Charles Hartwig,
Jim Watkins, Brad Baker, Curt Hodges, and Tony Bari.)
Our speaker was Dr. Robin Wise, a St. Bernards Medical Center psychiatrist.
She talked about Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, of which there are
dozens -- most of which can be treated.  Among her recommendations designed
to head off dementia were to stop smoking, cut back on alcohol consumption,
keep your blood pressure under control, stay active [exercise at least 30
minutes a day], stay social --i.e., keep involved in church and/or other
groups such as Lions clubs, and challenge your brain with crossword and
Sudoku puzzles.  Also, manage stress and watch your diet -- eat more green
vegetables and fruit.
Remember, our ONLY other program in December is our Christmas Banquet next
Tuesday [12-18-2012] at 6:30 PM at Lazzari's. [NO morning meeting that
day!!]   Bring some canned or boxed goods to donate to the Helping Neighbors Food Pantry.

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