University Heights Lions Club - Jonesboro Arkansas 72401

University Heights Lions Club

Chartered 1963

Jonesboro, Arkansas




Fund Raisers





United States Flag Display Contract

University Heights Lions Club of Jonesboro, Arkansas agrees to furnish

(name of company) ________________________ a United States Flag,

with holder, for display in consideration of a donation to the club of $37.50

per year. On ten national holidays per year (minimum), the University

Heights Lions Club will place a flag for display and remove it. (weather

permitting) The donation is made payable at the time of entering into this

agreement and each anniversary date.


=============  Detach and Mail to the address below ===========

Date: ____/____/_______

Business Name:_____________________________________________

Business Representative  (contact):_____________________________

Address for Flag Mounting:________________________________________

Billing Address:_________________________________________________

Phone: (_____)______-__________

Preferred location of the flag bracket:

(examples: on sign out front or on light pole or beside front door)







University Heights Lions Club

P.O. Box 16063

Jonesboro, AR 72403



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