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University Heights Lions Club

Chartered 1963

Jonesboro, Arkansas




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Flag Contracts


Click Here to Sign a Contract for $40.00 a Year!


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All Flag Routes

# 1 Flag Route (S. Main Street &Union)

#2 Flag Route (Mathew, Washington, Jefferson, and Huntington)

#3 Flag Route (Southwest Drive)

#4 Flag Route (East Johnson)(1)

#5 Flag Route (West Johnson Ave.)(2)

#6 Flag Route (Gee Street)

#7 Flag Route (South Caraway)

#8 Flag Route (East Matthews)

#9 Flag Route (East Nettleton)

#10 Flag Route (East Nettleton)

#11 Flag Route (East Highland Dr.)

#12 Flag Route (Parker Road)

#13 Flag Route (Brown's Lane)


Ten days (all major holidays, weather permitting) per year our club members place American Flags at local businesses. These flag contracts are $ 40.00 per year and help Jonesboro, Arkansas businesses to show their patriotism.

University Heights Lions Club of Jonesboro, Arkansas agrees to furnish

(name of company) ________________________ a United States Flag,

with holder, for display in consideration of a donation to the club of $40.00

per year. On ten national holidays per year (minimum), the University

Heights Lions Club will place a flag for display and remove it. (weather permitting) The donation is made at the time of entering into this

agreement. The contract can be renewed on a prorated basis either on July 1 or January 1 of each yearly depending on the business’s preference.


To get a flag placed at your business please print

and fill out the Flag Display Contract, then mail it with a check.


contact: Pat Snodgrass

 email:  Pat Snodgrass

Phone: 972-9132

Proposed Flag Days for Lions

Year 2018



January 15th

Martin Luther King, Sr. Day

Febuary 19th

President's Day

May 19th

Armed Forces Day
May  28th
Memorial Day
June 14th
Flag Day
July 4th
4th of July
September 3th
Labor Day
November 6th
Election Day
November 12th
Veterans Day
December 7th
Pearl Harbor Day



Rain guide - Channel 6, weather station, if there is a 50% or greater chance for rain during daylight hours, flags should not be placed on review. When brackets are damaged, notation should be made on the  flag route sheet and handed back to Lion David Redmon, with notation of problem.




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