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Next Event:

Thursday & Friday, June 9th & 10th

@Kroger on S. Caraway


Twice a year our club members stand outside Kroger at 1525 S. Caraway Rd, Jonesboro, AR and collect donations from the public.

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Please contact Pat Snodgrass (870-761-0132) if you can't fill your time slot.

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University Heights Lions Club
JUNE 9th & 10th 2011
Thursday - Friday
Set-up Time 1445 (2:45)

 We will set-up Thursday for both Days with Stools and Banner in front of store.
If you can not make your shift offer to switch with someone or find a replacement, if you can't
our club might lose what you could have brought to the collection pot.
Contract Pat Snodgrass 870-761-0132.
We will be in the shade.



Press Release

Lions support camp for blind children

The Jonesboro University Heights Lions Club was recognized January 4th at its weekly meeting for its donation of $450 to the National Camps for Blind Children (NCBC), which will sponsor a blind child's stay this coming summer at a camp near Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Ms. Norine Westerbeck and Linda Turner, representing the NCBC, presented the club with a certificate of appreciation for its recent donation. Ms. Turner is a former camper, and Ms. Westerbeck, from Maynard, who is also the President of the Pocahontas Lions Club, represents the NCBC, a national non-profit organization, in northeast Arkansas. The main focus of service projects by Lions Clubs world-wide are ones which help people who are blind and/or those with visual impairments.


The NCBC, which began in 1967 with a single camp in Florida, now has two

dozen camps located around the USA and Canada, including a winter camp in

Colorado. For more information about their programs, see


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