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Next Event:

Thursday & Friday, November 6th & 7th

@Wal-Mart on E. Highland Dr.


Twice a year our club members stand outside Wal-Mart at 1815 E. Highland Dr, Jonesboro, AR and collect donations from the public

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Please contact Pat Snodgrass (870-761-0132) if you can't fill your time slot.

email:   Pat Snodgrass  for current sign-up sheet information


University Heights Lions Club
NOVEMBER 6th & 7th 2014
Thursday - Friday
Set-up Time 3:00

 We will set-up Thursday for both Days with Stools and Banner in front of store.
If you can not make your shift offer to switch with someone or find a replacement, if you can't
our club might lose what you could have brought to the collection pot.
Contract Pat Snodgrass 870-761-0132.



Press Release

Lions support camp for blind children

The Jonesboro University Heights Lions Club was recognized January 4th at its weekly meeting for its donation of $450 to the National Camps for Blind Children (NCBC), which will sponsor a blind child's stay this coming summer at a camp near Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Ms. Norine Westerbeck and Linda Turner, representing the NCBC, presented the club with a certificate of appreciation for its recent donation. Ms. Turner is a former camper, and Ms. Westerbeck, from Maynard, who is also the President of the Pocahontas Lions Club, represents the NCBC, a national non-profit organization, in northeast Arkansas. The main focus of service projects by Lions Clubs world-wide are ones which help people who are blind and/or those with visual impairments.


The NCBC, which began in 1967 with a single camp in Florida, now has two

dozen camps located around the USA and Canada, including a winter camp in

Colorado. For more information about their programs, see


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